Innovation in Seasonal Tire Storage Management

Our innovative software, GTMS (Global Tire Management Services Application), is a database system that monitors, tracks and maintains information on customers, tire storage, upcoming appointments and wheel status including tread depths and rim conditions.

It provides Service Managers with the day-to-day tools they need to ensure the smooth transition of tire sets from vehicle to store and back again.  Decrease inventory loss drastically, improve efficiency, and do more with less staff.

GTMS uses a sophisticated online web portal and an accompanying mobile app available on both iOS and Android devices. Rugged mobile units designed for data collection in tough environments are also available. GTMS connects live to the devices using cellular and WiFi networks.

We understand the hassles involved with seasonal tire storage for car dealerships and customers alike.  We also understand how simple and profitable offering tire storage can be, when done right.  We have fused industry knowledge with technology to create GTMS, so that your organization can realize profits immediately, with zero start-up hassle and initial fees.

Our system solves problems for service managers, adds revenue streams for dealership owners and removes hassle for vehicle owners.

Welcome to Tire Storage Solutions.  Tire Storage, Simplified.


Customer Benefits

Customer Benefits

Your customers will experience an inexpensive and hassle-free seasonal tire storage service, with reassurance that their property is safe and secure.  Increase customer loyalty and trust by providing them with specific reports, making them feel that they are more than just a storage number.  Be able to provide your customers with reports detailing the condition of their tires - if they need to be replaced, TSS provides the report to offer them the 3 best choices for their vehicle. Our software manages this information, automates the report, and handles the storage.
Operational Benefits

Operational Benefits

TSS integrates seamlessly with your existing DMS, eliminating the need to manually input any appointment, customer, or tire information.  Run a smoother after-sales process by drastically improving the efficiency of your existing seasonal storage process.  If you are new to seasonal tire storage, our system, knowledge and guidance will ensure your operation is accurate and controlled.  With this competitive advantage, your organization will realize the upselling & cross selling opportunities and benefits of TSS technology.
Business Benefits

Business Benefits

Our solution is one that becomes profitable immediately upon implementation, without the start-up hassle and need for heavy initial investment.  Your organization will realize a guaranteed surge in customer retention, as well as a new revenue stream through increased service appointments, foot traffic and sales.  You can now offer a streamlined, cost effective, end-to-end solution resulting in increased referrals, profits and happy customers.


Barcode Labels
To ensure TSS can keep track of the location and owner of each individual tire, a simple yet powerful barcode system is used.  Each barcode sticker is pre-printed with a unique code that the system registers when applied to a specific vehicle.  As each tire moves from the workshop, through transit to its storage location and back again, GTMS tracks it along the way ensuring you know exactly where each set is at all times.
Barcode Labels
Mobile App
When in the workshop, during transit or in the storage facility, your staff will utilize a mobile device to manage seasonal tire storage logistics.  Appointment data from your DMS is downloaded onto the device from the main online portal each day, then used by your team to manage the transfer of tire sets to and from the storage facility.
Mobile App
Online Portal
The TSS online portal is accessed through your computer’s web browser.  As a hosted application, there is no installation required on your computer – allowing you and your staff to access customer information, tire storage location, and appointments from any computer or smartphone – onsite or remotely.
Online Portal
DMS Integration
The TSS system automatically pulls all customer, vehicle and appointment details from your DMS, eliminating the need for manual data entry and avoiding possible duplicate data entry.  All vehicle details, including the VIN, make and model, are stored with each associated tire set.
DMS Integration

What our clients say

The GTMS  system is very thorough, and stores a wide range of information.  Everything you need to keep track of clients' products and time lines for future visits is stored in one place.  It now makes it very simple to manage when to swap and when to store.  I would recommend its use.
Nick Hayden
Parts Manager, Auto West BMW
"This innovative tracking and management system has become a valuable tool in helping us start up our new customer tire storage program.  The reason we began doing tire storage was primarily for the customer retention benefits; tire storage and tracking is the best and only guaranteed customer retention tool the automotive service business has.  The profitability increase is already being felt in our second season!  We enjoy the Tire Resort option that TSS offers, enabling us to safely store tires off-site.  This system is a must-have for anyone serious about managing an effective tire storage system."
Desmond Chatura
Canadian Tire, Meadowvale
"Budds' has been searching for a product such as Tire Storage Solutions for years.  We have finally not only found what we're looking for, but we have also found a company that listens to what WE need and works with us to make it happen.  Any time a new process is put in place at an organization, it can be a challenge to set up and organize.  The TSS team has removed this stress from us."
Patrick Fletch
Service Manager at Budds’ BMW, Oakville, ON
"Easy to use, efficient and time saving.  The support staff are outstanding.  Since implementing the program here we have noticed that it allows us to offer one stop service.  With their tires in storage, this program keeps the customer coming back to our dealership for all their service needs."
Tracy L. Tuckett
Operations & Parts Manager at Jackson's Toyota, Barrie, Ontario

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