Our Compnay

Tire Storage Solutions Ltd was established in 2007 based in Ontario, Canada.  The company was formed, combining over 25 years of experience in the Automotive and Real Estate industries, as a solution for car dealerships and storage warehouses with an inherent and aggressively growing problem.

The vision began with our founders noticing that car dealerships in the Toronto area were running out of space to store their customers’ wheels.  The growing demand for this facility was becoming a problem for dealership owners, but was quickly solved by the introduction of our first tire storage site in North Toronto.

Having dealt with the requirement for storage, we then explored the issues surrounding the logistics and management of tire storage.  It became quickly apparent that dealerships were struggling not only with a lack of space, but with the tools they used to help manage the transfer of sets from workshop to store and back again.  Issues including the loss of sets, disagreements with customers over the condition of returned sets and the general lack of centrally stored knowledge posed risks for dealerships.

To help solve these problems, Tire Storage Solutions developed the Global Tire Management Services (GTMS) application, an easy-to-use yet powerful and comprehensive software tool. GTMS is designed for dealerships wishing to store sets both onsite and offsite.  It has replaced fragmented data storage and logistics issues by linking in with the Dealer Management System and handling customer appointments and storage details with simplicity.  This makes an after sales manager’s job much simpler, keeps customers happy and the opportunity for profit much greater.

The visibility and tools to help monitor the condition of tires, and inform customers when it is necessary to replace tires and rims, are only a few examples of built in functions offered by GTMS.

We are working on innovative ways to improve user experience by harnessing the latest technology available.  This includes eliminating start-up costs, and providing dealerships with the potential to earn large margins by tapping into the capabilities of the online system.