What we do

Tire Storage Solutions provides automotive dealerships and storage facilities with the tools they need to easily implement or increase the scale of their tire storage operations. The transition of tire sets from vehicle to storage and back again has never been easier.

Innovation in seasonal tire storage management

At the core of Tire Storage Solutions is Global Tire Management Services, our innovative Tire Storage CRM. GTMS integrates with all major dealer management systems and uses a comprehensive online web portal and mobile app to manage seasonal tire storage appointments, inventory, and logistics.

To compliment GTMS, we source only the best hardware for your tire storage needs. Durable label printers and rugged mobile units designed for data collection in tough environments are all part of Tire Storage Solutions.

What can your business expect?

Higher profits, decreased inventory loss, and improved efficiency.
It's that simple.

We are the industry leaders

Tire Storage Solutions is trusted by over 600 automotive groups, dealerships, and tire storage facilities across North America.