Our Company

The Idea


The vision began in 2007, when Tire Storage Solution' founder Domenic Ismaele noticed that car dealerships in the Toronto area were running out of space to store their customers' seasonal tires. The growing demand for this service was becoming a logistical problem for dealership owners, but was quickly solved by the introduction of our tire storage facility in North Toronto.

Having dealt with the requirement for storage, we then explored the issues surrounding the logistics and management of seasonal tire storage. It became apparent that dealerships were struggling not only with a lack of space, but with a lack of tools needed to help manage the efficient transfer of sets from workshop to storage and back again. Issues including the loss of sets, disagreements with customers over the condition of returned sets, and the general lack of central database posed risks for dealerships.


The Solution


One year later, in 2008, Tire Storage Solutions Ltd. was established. Combining over 35 years of experience in the automotive and enterprise technology industries, the company was formed as a tire shop storage management solution for car dealerships and storage warehouses to solve the inherent and growing challenges associated with seasonal tire storage. To help solve these problems, Tire Storage Solutions developed the Global Tire Management Services (GTMS) application, a powerful and comprehensive software system.

GTMS is designed for dealerships wishing to store sets both onsite and offsite. It has replaced fragmented data storage and logistics issues by integrating with dealer management systems and handling customer appointments and storage details with accuracy. The visibility and tools to help monitor the condition of tires, and inform customers when it is necessary to replace tires and rims, are only a few examples of built in functions offered by GTMS. This improves fixed operations, keeps customers happy, and increases the opportunity for profit.


From Idea to Industry Standard


Tire Storage Solutions has quickly become the most popular seasonal tire storage management system in the automotive industry. As with any good idea, once it gets a little traction, others get in the game. Since it's inception, Tire Storage Solutions has partnered with industry leading dealer management systems including CDK, PBS, Quorum, Serti, and Protractor. We are always working on innovative ways to improve user experience by harnessing the latest technology available. This includes eliminating start-up hassels with our turnkey solution that can be implemented within days.

Who we are and what we do

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