Features built with high volume storage in mind

Tire Storage Solutions has been thoughtfully crafted using decades of industry knowledge combined with the latest technology. We have customized the features to respond to the specific needs and pain points of professionals in the automotive industry.

Our system is a turnkey solution that can be implemented within days. How is this possible?

We integrate with your DMS system.

Web Portal


The TSS online portal is accessed through your computer's web browser. As a hosted application, there is no installation required on your computer – allowing you and your staff to access customer information, tire storage locations, and appointments from any computer or smartphone – onsite or remotely.

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Mobile App


When in the workshop, during transit, or in the storage facility, your staff will utilize our mobile app to manage the logistics. TSS Mobile is available for iOS and Android devices through the App Store and Google Play Store. Rugged mobile units with a built-in scanners are also available for tougher environments.

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Barcode Labels


To ensure users can keep track of every tire set, Tire Storage Solutions utilizes a simple yet powerful barcode system. A barcode label is generated with a unique code and customer specific information for each wheel. Monitor each tire as it moves from the workshop, through transit, to its storage location, and back again.

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The bottom line.

Tire Storage Solutions supports the automotive industry by providing a highly effective system for managing a profitable seasonal tire storage program. Our extensive experience in the automotive industry allows for the creation of individualized processes for our customers. Ongoing support and attention results in excellent customer service.