Business Benefits

Whether you’re a dealership principal, a warehouse owner, or supplier of OEM products, you will gain the following business benefits by implementing Tire Storage Solutions into your business process:

Complimenting your existing service offerings with tire storage introduces a new avenue of revenue for your business. Remove the hassle of storing tires for your customers, then enjoy strong profit margins and increased sales from associated services.

Having your customers return every six months for tire swaps has been proven to result in additional customer pay sales. According to National Automobile Dealers Association, 77% of customers will get their regular maintenance done where they store their tires. Monitoring the condition of tires and wheels with our software ensures you can inform your customers of the need for repair or replacements during the changeover process.

Dealerships need take advantage of every opportunity to bring in new customers. Offering tire storage is an attractive value-added service for motorists who will be drawn to your dealership rather than your competitors.

Adding tire storage to your suite of services provides a hassle-free solution for motorists. With the increasing demand for winter tires, you can now offer a streamlined and cost-effective solution, resulting in unburdened, happy customers and increased referrals.

Operational Benefits

If you’re responsible for ensuring your after-sales operations run smoothly and compliment vehicle sales, our system will help you make that happen. Immediate operational benefits you can expect include:

TSS tracks all of your seasonal tire storage data easily so you can focus on customer retention, forecast sales opportunities, and stay organized. Available reports include Worn Tire and Rim, Incomplete Appointments, Tire Brand, Pickup and Delivery, and more.

Real-time data is synchronized from the main online portal each day, then used by your team to manage the transfer of tire sets to and from the storage facility.  Tire Storage Solutions uses a 2D barcode scanner to assign a location to a tire set. Now you can easily locate any set in your storage inventory.

Whether you have an existing process in place or are new to seasonal tire storage, our system, knowledge, and guidance will ensure your operation is efficient, accurate and controlled. This reduces mistakes and operational pressure for your team during the busy period.

With TSS, you can add details not only on each tire set, but on each individual tire. Define set type (Summer or Winter), brand, size, DOT number, tread depth, rim condition, and their current location. With its powerful search functions, TSS can search and narrow in on customer or tire information quickly, and a suite of management reports are provided to help manage and monitor usage of the system.

Customer Benefits

Ultimately, tire storage is about providing a beneficial service to your customers. Here are some key benefits your customers can expect:

Whether you decide to store customer tires onsite or in an off-site facility, you can provide reassurance that their valuable property is being safely stored in a secure environment. Plus, the condition of their tires is also checked in the meantime.

For most owners, the prospect of having their vehicle prepared for the season in one quick, effortless visit to the shop is appealing. Adding this service makes it easier for your customers, and more efficient for your shop by combining a tire swap appointment with additional servicing in the same day.

Not all vehicle owners have the space and security required to store their own valuable tire sets. By providing this service, you remove this concern for your customers, freeing up precious storage space in their homes.

Customers that store their own sets have the added frustration of transporting their wheels. Not only must they find the space, but they risk injuring themselves or damaging the interior of their vehicle when transporting dirty, heavy wheels. Take this burden away from them.

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