Tire Shop Software Simplified

The transition of tire sets from vehicle to storage and back has never been easier. Tire Storage Solutions is the industry leader in Seasonal Tire Shop Management, trusted by over 600 automotive groups, dealerships, and tire storage facilities in North America. Our Tire Management Software is thoughtfully crafted using decades of industry knowledge and the latest innovative technologies.

TSS’s Tire Shop Software automates end-to-end tire storage processes with secure DMS integrable software.

The powerful capabilities of TSS’s Tire Shop Software give businesses complete visibility, increased productivity, and the power to exceed your business’s full potential by expanding the scale of tire storage operations.

Redefine Seasonal Storage Management with powerful features crafted with high volume storage in mind

Our tire shop software system helps streamline your storage and retrieval processes by giving you end-to-end visibility of all tires currently in your storage, with detailed information such as;  rim condition and tread depth data. In addition, you’ll have complete access to comprehensive customer data in one location accessible through the web and your mobile.  Tire Shop Software includes features to respond to specific needs, finding solutions to particular pain points of automotive industry professionals.  We remove the leg work of tracking your tire storage processes manually by helping you organize your tire storage solutions efficiently so that you can allocate your time to customer retention and sales opportunities with complete ease.

What can your business expect with tire management software?

  • Higher profits
  • Customer loyalty and retention
  • Increased CSI
  • Improved efficiency 
  • Decreased inventory lost

Remote Tire Shop Software Solutions

At Tire Storage Solutions, our team of seasoned experts will walk you through every step of the process. Including setup, DMS integration, training, and ongoing support.

Tire Shop Software Web Portal

The primary role of our tire shop software web portal is efficient tire storage management. Through an integrated cloud-based ecosystem, our Tire Shop Software Web portal manages your storage process, increases productivity, and helps you scale your growing base of clientele efficiently. 

Tire Storage Software

Cloud-Based Remote Access with 24/7 Accessibility

  • Tire Management Web Portal TSS’s Tire Shop Software Web Portal gives you ease, convenience, and 24/7 accessibility. The smart web portal can be accessed from a web browser, allowing you and your employees to access essential details such as;  comprehensive customer information, tire storage location, and appointments remotely from any computer or smartphone. As a hosted application, no installation is required on your computer.

Key Features:

With our Tire Management Software, you will have complete visibility of inventory management and delivery routes. The tire shop software has the capabilities to add details beyond tire sets but for individual tires. Any tire shop software user can: 

  • Define set type 
  • Brand 
  • Size 
  • DOT number
  • Tread depth
  • Rim condition 
  • Current location 

Comprehensive reports are provided to help manage and monitor the usage of your system.

The tire management system integrates with most major dealer management systems (DMS).  DMS integrations eliminate the need for duplicate data entries by exporting tire storage appointment details from your DMS directly to your tire management software. In addition, all existing customer information and vehicle details from the appointment are imported, including: 

  • VIN 
  • Make
  • Model 
  • Associated tire set

Access tire data quickly with TSS's tire management software's user-friendly dashboard and powerful analytic functions. You will have access to forecasting future tire orders and spotting brand preferences with tire brand reports. The intelligent technology of the worn tire and rim report lets you know which tires and rims in your inventory need attention, making it simple to set up accordingly. 

Available Reports Include: 

  • Tire Stock
  • Missing tire information 
  • Incomplete appointments
  • Tire brand
  • Worn tire and rim
  • Pickup and delivery

Jumpstart your tire storage solutions with our tire management software that can be implemented within days.