Tire Storage Solutions Mobile

TSS Mobile is available for iOS and Android devices through the App Store and Google Play Store.

How it works

TSS Mobile synchronizes real-time data with the web portal allowing your team to manage the transfer of tire sets to and from the storage facility with maximum visibility.

A 2D barcode scanner is used to scan labels and identify locations while the camera can be used to take photos of the wheel conditions.


When in the workshop, during transit, or in the storage facility, your staff will utilize our mobile app to manage the logistics. As each tire moves from the workshop, through transit, to its final storage location and back again, our system tracks it along the way. Rugged mobile units with built-in scanners are available for tougher environments.


Include details not only for each tire set, but for each individual tire. Define the type, brand, size, DOT number, tread depth, rim condition, and current location. This stored data can assist staff in upselling. Before a customer arrives for their service appointment, your staff can prepare repair or replacement options.


When inputting tire details, users can add photos. The photos are stored with each individual tire's details, eliminating the guesswork and assumptions that can happen when a tire is discovered to be damaged. Anytime you notice damage on a wheel, include photos with their tire details so that you have a record.