Tire Storage Solutions Barcode Labels

To ensure Tire Storage Solutions can keep track of the location and owner of each individual tire, a simple yet powerful barcode system is used.

Each barcode label is generated with a unique code that the system registers to a specific vehicle.

Track each tire, every step of the way.

As each tire moves from the workshop, through transit to its storage location and back again, our system tracks it along the way ensuring you know exactly where each set is at all times.


We supply labels of the utmost quality and durability. The polymer blend can withstand wear and tear in just about any storage environment while the smooth surface ensures superior print quality. The permanent acrylic adhesive will remain adherent, even in presence of water and moisture.


Our labels are printed with 2D data matrix barcode technology. The code can be read quickly by a barcode reader which allows the data to be tracked. Error correction codes increase reliability so if one or more cells are unreadable, the barcode will still scan, and data can still be read.


Each label is populated with the most pertinent information that you need to label and locate your tire inventory. Details include the dealership name, customer name, tire type and position, VIN, and a unique TSS alphanumeric code that is assigned to each individual tire.