Move Your Tire Business Forward with Data-Driven Decision Making

Tire Storage Solutions understands the critical need for analytics in the tire industry and has provided advanced inventory analysis and analytics for seasonal tire storage management for over 450+ dealerships and tire shops.

With Tire Storage Solutions industry-leading software, Tire Shops and Dealerships can take control of their inventory and sales channels by fueling their business with the power of analytics and dashboards.

Understand your Inventory like Never Before

Tire Storage Solutions helps keep your business at the forefront of innovation in the industry by providing the data you need right at your fingertips.

Many seasonal tire businesses are struggling to integrate analytics and reporting in their organization- and with the rising numbers of SKUs and offerings on the market every year, it can be hard to keep pace. With Tire Manufacturers affected by inventory and logistics difficulties, knowing your exact inventory numbers and individual tire demand can help you avoid high operating costs that can hurt your business. Avoid passing down logistical expenses to your customers and retailers by understanding every tire brand and SKU in your management without a headache.

Tire Storage Solutions helps businesses build efficiency into their process, with information readily available to all service managers and stakeholders to act quickly on changing customer demand. Identify manufacturer stock delays and avoid surprises. With a web portal and mobile app available for use across all devices, give your customers peace of mind knowing your seasonal tire management supply and demand backed by intelligent business decisions using analytics.

Inventory Analytics for Tire Storage Management

Never generate a manual report or combine data in numerous spreadsheets again- access all the information your business needs to get ahead of competitors while leaving more time for customer care and sales. Tire Storage Solutions developed detailed inventory analytics to assist tire companies with oversight across their entire inventory down to the last tire to sell smarter and increase revenue.

Once signed into the Tire Storage Solutions web portal, you will find a variety of reports and graphs custom to your seasonal tire storage, including:

  • Inventory and Stock Management
  • Most Popular Tires and Sizes
  • Delivery or Pickup
  • Tire Brand Sales breakdown
  • Most Popular Tires and Sizes

Data analytics has opened up doors for Tire Shop managers who didn't know what inventory problems they had until they saw the numbers. Once they saw the numbers, they could address the challenges without much effort. This could mean better tracking of sales revenues, trending analysis of popular brands, gross profit, and much more important KPIs. Empower your operations and service managers with data-driven decision making and generate more profit with less work.

Every automotive group, dealership, and tire storage facility wants to understand their best selling brands to drive more sales through high performers. Tire Storage Solutions shows you what your top selling SKUs are while helping you eliminate other SKUs that are underperforming to make room for more growth.

A robust inventory analytics solution can help dealers and tire facilities understand the total demand for tires across their entire product range. Learn exactly how much need there is for every tire in your shop and compare inventory to market demand to optimize your stocking strategy and drastically increase the efficiency of their ordering process. Order smarter with analytics that reveals the total market through the hard numbers month over month.

Tire Storage Solutions carefully designed analytics display your seasonal tire storage data on a user friendly dashboard online or in the app. Now you can focus more of your time on customer retention, forecast sales opportunities, and stay organized without a mess. 

Some of our available reports include Worn Tire and Rim, Incomplete Appointments, Tire Brand, Pickup and Delivery, and more.

The Worn Tire and Rim report lets you know which tires and rims in your inventory need attention so that you can upsell accordingly. Understand your customer's tire lifespan and reach out to them at the exact right time to win their business.

Missing appointments require to follow up and careful monitoring, but with Tire Storage Solutions, see all incomplete appointments in one easy to read report to empower your sales managers to follow up accordingly.

Learn the brands that matter to your customers and retailers for easier stocking from Manufacturers. Learn what percentage of your carried brands sell and invest heavily in tire brands that bring in the most revenue. Compare reports without multiple spreadsheets and documents for smarter, faster business decisions.

Understand the buying habits of your customers clearly with Tire Storage Solutions Pickup and Delivery report. Optimize your business for pickup or delivery and learn what shipping methods you need to implement, and recommend increasing sales on-site, online, and on the phone.


Tire Storage Solutions inventory analytics software gives you the data your business needs to understand your tire management in less time.

The key to more revenue from your business is using data and analytics to understand your specific business and customer's needs. Interpret the data within your business easily with pre-made reports and make decisions without spending your entire day in spreadsheets and reports.

Is your business spending too much time in logistics and not enough time on building client relationships? Significantly lower unused inventory costs and drive sales through brands that matter to make your total stock more productive for your business with Tire Storage Solutions.


Unsure how analytics can better power your seasonal tire management department? Contact our dedicated team of advisors to learn how data can help give your company the leverage it needs to overtake competitors and establish yourself as a leader in your local markets.

What can your business expect?

Higher profits, decreased inventory loss, and improved efficiency. It's that simple.