Seasonal Tire Management for Tire Dealerships

For Tire Dealers who care about delivering the best product and service possible to their customers and retailers, Tire Storage Solutions provides a thoughtfully crafted combination of technology and industry knowledge in our proprietary software. Seasonal Tire Management can expand your business and offer you a new recurring revenue stream for your customers. As the hub of your seasonal tire storage program, our powerful solutions mean managing your storage process and growing your business. Tire Storage Solutions provides automotive dealerships and seasonal tire dealers with software tools that are easy to implement but drive massive growth opportunities with their existing team and inventory. We work harder to deliver tire dealers with robust software solutions that solve their problems easily and begin to generate additional profits from the first installation.

Our Mission

At Tire Storage Solutions, we supply cutting-edge software solutions to help scale your seasonal tire business reliably and efficiently. Deeply ingrained in the automotive industry, Tire Storage Solutions works with 450+ Tire Dealers, Auto Repair Shops, and Tire Wholesale Distributors to drive more business with seasonal tire storage. We strive to bring new and innovative products and technology to better manage and organize inventory for customers year after year. 

Tire Storage Solutions are proud to provide products that make it easy for our clients to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Give your sales team the power they need by utilizing the mobile app or web portal to find live inventory rates, customer information, and even client billing and invoicing. Engage the customer immediately with the right information for better client communications on the floor.

A complete and accurate profile of your customer's tires on hand at all times makes it easy to find and deliver the right product for their exact needs, based on live inventory numbers and existing client profile.

A simple yet powerful barcode system is used to keep track of the location and owner of each tire. Connected with our software built especially for Tire Dealers, track the moment tires leave your workshop and when they arrive at the storage location.

Understand your customer's entire history with you at the click of a button to deliver better customer service and make upsells easier based on tire brand, desired delivery methods, and more. Make more money in less time with tire inventory management, bringing in customers at least 2 times yearly to rotate tires.

After spending 10+ years in the automotive industry, we learned what it takes to create a software solution that makes tire storage and inventory management as efficient and profitable as possible. Improve your organization and make smarter decisions by connecting directly to Global Tire Management Services, our innovative Tire Storage CRM. 

GTMS integrates with all major dealer management systems and uses a comprehensive online web portal and mobile app to manage seasonal tire storage appointments, inventory, and logistics. 

Paired with our barcode scanners, durable label printers, and rugged mobile units designed for data collection in tough environments, track down the last tire and scale more effectively.

Seasonal Tire Management can open up a successful recurring income stream for your tire dealership.

By implementing Tire Storage Solutions, we help dealers achieve the following results:

  • Improve inventory management and reduce loss, keeping inventory profitable and increasing sales and automation;
  • Increase volume and margins through more frequent and recurring returning customers
  • Increase profits by developing knowing the exact timeframe of tire delivery from warehouse to workshop, potentially unlocking a significant amount of money in front- and back-end margin opportunities.

Empower Your Team For Higher Performance Right Away

Tire Storage Solutions makes it easy to empower your team for success. Reduce margin for error and make running a seasonal tire service seamless with seasonal inventory management, customer management, and barcode labels backed by quality hardware.

Our Tire Dealer software solution allows you to get onboarded and live to manage your dealership in less time while generating more revenue.

Give time back to your team by making reports easily accessible and inventory management fully managed in the cloud.

Tire Storage Software

Tire Dealer Software For Seasonal Tire Management

Tire Storage Solutions has been built around over a decade of experience in the automotive industry and has the team to back it up. 

Our training and support team will then guide your team through DMS integration and use of the TSS system so you can begin storing tires efficiently and with ease.

The first step is to contact us to discuss your unique requirements and how we can help you with our service. Whether you’re interested in an initial demonstration of the system or ready to get started, reach out to our team to book a demo. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Offering seasonal tire storage gives your customers a reason to visit your service department twice a year.
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