Seasonal Tire Storage Is in Demand

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Demand for winter tires, makes seasonal tire storage a necessity for dealerships and storage facilities across the country.

Mother Nature is certainly helping to increase the sales of winter tires. With the increased demand for winter tires, also comes the increased demand for seasonal tire storage. Many dealerships have now seen the benefits of offering on-site seasonal tire storage for their customers. Seasonal Tire Storage can be one of the strongest revenue and retention tools available. If you are currently storing “on site”, you are well aware of the issues that can arise once you hit a certain volume.

Are you burdened by excel spread sheets, excess time and energy spent locating tires, labelling and tracking issues? Did you know that by having the right software in place, you can reduce your labour time by up to 70%? This means the time you save in the physical process of storing, retrieving, and updating excel spreadsheets. Your dealership could put that time into revenue generation. Dealerships using the TSS system have substantially increased tire sales as well as rim and tire repairs. The TSS system allows you to record all 3 tread depths so that you can address alignment issues when your customers return to the dealership. The system also stores images of the tires and rims which can be emailed to customers. This helps prevent situations where customers claim their tires, wheels, and rims were in “perfect” condition.

Tire Storage Solutions is the only software of its kind available. TSS software integrates with your current DMS and transfers all appointments that have the operational codes for winter and summer tire storage. Everything is done systematically and seamlessly from printing labels and storage agreements, to being able to generate reports identifying which customers need new tires, rims, repairs, and alignments. Our drop down menus eliminate the need for manual data entry.

Your sea-cans or warehouses will be labelled, organized, and tracked perfectly. You will never have to open another sea-can or walk through your warehouse to know whose tires are where. When it comes time to pick the tires, the TSS system will allow you to either do a selective pick, or guide you to do your daily picks in the most efficient sequence that prevents wasted effort and time.

New seasonal tire storage businesses which are managed without the use of comprehensive software, such as Tire Storage Solutions, will be swamped with the chaotic confusion caused by spring and fall rushes to switch tires. Dealerships will not feel the effects of this chaos, until their customers begin requesting tires at a rapid pace. It is during this time that costly mistakes can happen, such as losing wheels, putting the wrong wheels on the vehicles, or not being able to keep current with appointments.

The TSS system allows your dealership to handle requests quickly, and on time without mistakes. This is the true measure of a successful tire storage business. This is also a huge stress relief for the already-busy employees in the dealership, who have the additional responsibility of handling seasonal tire storage.

You can have unlimited users with the TSS system. There is also a free, downloadable app that can be used on any iPhone or Android device. Every user is always notified of all upcoming appointments, and is notified of any incomplete appointments. You will always know who last handled the tires, and where they are located. Accountability is something that is almost impossible to achieve without the use of the TSS system. Dealerships are always at the mercy of hoping that someone remembered to update excel spreadsheets. The TSS system allows you to see which users last handled the tires, and the time and location. It is nice having a system that everyone can use, versus being reliant on just one or two key people in the dealership.

Whether you are storing for your own individual dealership or warehouse, or you are a dealer group or warehouse storing for multiple dealerships, you need to take a closer look at what Tire Storage Solutions can do for you.