Providing Remote and Online Contactless Implementation

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Tire Storage Solutions is committed to ensuring automotive dealerships, service centres, and storage providers remain productive and efficient while responding to the unprecedented demands that COVID-19 has created. Our system is uniquely tailored to compliment concierge services and accommodate social distancing protocols that many businesses have transitioned to during this time.

For the past 11 years, TSS has been leading the way in seasonal tire storage management. Our secure, DMS integrated software provides the visibility you need. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses automate and easily increase the volume of their seasonal tire storage operations, while also increasing new tire sales.

TSS has successfully onboarded hundreds of automotive dealerships, service centres, and warehouses without even setting foot inside their business. Unlike many other software providers that must be physically present in your workplace, we will walk you through every step of the process – including setup, DMS integration, training and ongoing support – remotely. Whether you are in a rural or isolated location, or a busy metropolitan city, we have got you covered.

Your business doesn’t have to face another stressful storage season using spreadsheets and tedious tracking procedures. Currently, our software is being used to securely track, monitor, and ensure that over 1.2 million tires are successfully being stored and retrieved during the busy swap season. With TSS you can take the time you save and turn seasonal tire storage into a profit center.

Now more than ever, customer retention is of the utmost importance. Let us show you a better way to minimize the stress and maximize the profits of your seasonal tire storage operations.

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