How Much Does it Cost to Store Your Tires?

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Tire Storage Solutions knows that as the North American winter sets in, customers are beginning to worry about the necessity and pricing of tire storage. How much does it cost to store your tires, and what is the right way to go about it? What are the benefits of storing your tires professionally versus just keeping your summer and winter tire sets at home for easy personal installation? There are vital benefits to professional tire storage and seasonal storage systems, and it all begins with the price.

Countless ads for winter tires bombard you as winter approaches, and you may be asking yourself what you should be doing after seeing your twelfth ad for seasonal tires. The affordability of winter tires is the first question on everyone’s minds, but swapping out winter tires means finding a storage facility for your summer ones. Some guidelines exist to help you make a better-informed decision, influenced by industry standards and the necessity of winter tires.

The Benefits of Seasonal Tires

We’ve gathered data based on averages within the automotive industry—the costs of winter tires and the average storage costs all factor into seasonal tire pricing. Winter tires, on average, cost between $80 and $200 per tire, based on the brand, features, and reliability. Per set of 4 tires, the average is between $360 and $800—which can seem like a sizable investment for any buyer. Customers want to know that their investment is protected, worthwhile, and necessary.

You shouldn’t be buying an entirely new set of winter tires every year, and you don’t have to. Management tire storage systems exist to keep your winter tires safe in a controlled environment until the months come back around when you need them. After knowing the price of your winter tires, you can view them as an important seasonal investment that will keep you and your family safe as well as keep your family on the road.

The expensive upfront initial cost of winter tires is off-putting for some, especially if you need a new set of rims to match. Before winter rolls around, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for seasonal tire promotions and discounts, as well as qualified insurance rebates. While winter tire sets might be pricey, they are more than worth it due to their added safety. Maintenance and installation are also a factor, especially if you’re not confident in installing the tires yourself. With the cost of winter tires, installation, mounting, and upkeep, it’s not feasible to buy winter tires every year and worry about having to get them reinstalled. That’s where seasonal tire storage comes in.

Why You Should Invest In Seasonal Tire Storage

The national average for seasonal tire storage is between $40 and $100, depending on the tires, storage system, and other needs and factors. If you live in a small space such as an apartment or condo, you don’t have the time or space to worry about storage. Seasonal tire storage gives you peace of mind by knowing that your tires remain in a controlled environment right up until the time you need them, and with Tire Storage Solutions, you get the added benefits of our integrated systems that update you on tire status and communicate directly with your dealership so that you can have your tires picked up and installed all in one appointment.

Beyond price, you should remain intimately aware of tire storage conditions and who is handling the transportation and updates of your tire sets. TSS provides you and your dealership with real-time updates on the status of your tires down to the tread depth and rim condition, and our climate-controlled warehouses have the added benefit of staving off the possibility of tire failure.

TSS will update you or your business on tire insurance, reimbursement status, individual tires, and anytime they are transported. We use state-of-the-art TPMS systems to monitor tire pressure seasonally, and you can use our integrated web portal and app to monitor the tire’s status, longevity, and more.

Save Money On Winter Tires With Tire Storage

Winter tires are a great investment. They keep you safe, keep your vehicle on the road, and improve your chances of making it through another tough Canadian winter. Whether you decide to invest in new tires or buy used tires, investing in seasonal tire storage is the best way to protect your investment all year long. Storing your tire sets in controlled warehouses and storage facilities greatly improves the chances that the tires will have better longevity and that you will retain more seasonal uses from each tire. You also have the added benefit of having your tire sets swapped out by professionals, saving you time and worry.

With increased safety, better control, and ensured reliability, winter tires are the way to go. If you do a lot of winter driving, remove the obstacle of danger and benefit from the features presented in these tires that are specifically designed for the season. With seasonal tire storage, you can improve the mileage of your tires and your vehicle with tire sets that are being properly maintained all year long. In Canada, 76% of all citizens switch over to winter tires during these harsh months. That means 76% of Canadians are either buying or storing winter tires and ensuring that they are safer on the road. Storing winter tires greatly drives down the risk of potentially hazardous situations and saves you money in the long run.

Contact Tire Storage Solutions today and request a demo to see the difference our integrated systems can make. We are industry leaders in tire storage management and we will provide you with all the information you need so that you can rest easy about better tire storage. We work directly with dealers, automotive businesses, and tire repair shops as well, and there’s a good chance your local shop already works with us!