How to Guarantee Your Customers Come Back Twice a Year

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If you are lucky enough to live and operate a service department in the Northern United States or Canada, you will more than likely get hit with your fair share of snow and ice in the winter months. Your service customers are not immune to this fact and with the current craze of performance, run flat, low profile, and summer composition rubber blends – winter tires are a must.

The reality is that customers view having to buy and store winter wheels at home as a hassle and a nuisance. Why not use this to your advantage and store your customers seasonal tires for a fee? This will guarantee they return twice a year and it also guarantees you will be able to have a look at the vehicle twice a year.

There is no better retention system for the customer to have to return to a dealer other than the manufacturers warranty. Keep in mind that with warranty, the customer has a choice of which dealer to go to. When it comes to seasonal wheels, if you have them, they come back to you.

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