CAD Interview: Making Tire Storage More Efficient

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Seasonal tire storage was a hot topic at NADA 2019. To help dealers who are struggling with implementing a seasonal tire storage program, Tire Storage Solutions CEO Domenic Ismaele sat down with Canadian Auto Dealer to talk about the importance of dealerships offering seasonal tire storage and the benefits of using the TSS System.

“We’ve noticed that dealers are interested in growing their tire storage business. This is our seventh year coming to NADA and this is the highest volume (of traffic) that we’ve had,” said Ismaele. “I’ve never really seen Americans get as involved with tire storage as they are now. Dealers are really looking at customer retention, and they seem to be grasping the importance that tire storage plays in that.”

How TSS helps streamline tire storage operations:

“When someone pays a monthly fee for software they know how much they’re paying. But when two or three employees are running around for a whole day, and they’re not being able to find the wheels — no one really measures that,” said Ismaele. “There’s no KPI as an industry standard to measure that, so they don’t know how much they’re losing and how much wasted time there is.”

Why seasonal tire storage is the ket to customer retention:

“How are you going to get people to come back twice a year and grow your different services?” said Ismaele. “You’ll want to structure it around every six months so they come in and swap the wheels, and you get the service done to the car depending on the vehicle. This is a very important part of why we believe that this (tire storage) is necessary.”

You can read the interview in its entirety here as well as the upcoming April 2019 print edition of Canadian Auto Dealer magazine.